Is a non-commercial organization active in Moscow since 1985 which uses the methods of art-therapy, as well as various role-play and educational methodologies for working with children and teenagers. Such unusual name originates from the fact that we are located at the basement premises in one of the old houses in the center of town. During the first few years of our existence when answering their parents' question: "where are you going?", the kids used to say: "to the Basement". The name remained since then, and today you would not mistake it with anything else.
The means which we use in our work are very different. Some people say that we are psychologists, some call us play-role technique specialists, others - pedagogues. We ourselves are not really interested in finding a definition for what we do for many years already. What is of interest to us is to help people in the world around them, teach them to treat themselves and others with attention and respect, to do everything they can so that they would not feel themselves lonely and useless.
Our center has old brick walls, but these very walls became the symbol of "The Basement". Just as one can build a big and warm home out of small bricks, we too can, by uniting together, change our life for the better.