The first time they came to Moscow was in 1993 - professor Jean Berube and other trainers from the American Gallaudet University (the only university in the world for the deaf people). They brought to Russia a unique course called "Discovery" which was specially developed by Jean.
"Discovery" is a set of active training events, targeted to develop various group qualities and personal qualities. This implies knowing how to work in a group, leadership skills, overcoming one's complexes and fears and respecting other people's opinions and feelings. When the event is completed (successfully, or sometimes it's a failed experience) it is discussed in a circle.
"Discovery" is a very flexible course, it can be adapted to the tasks of virtually any group. It is easier to say who we did NOT conduct this course with during the last ten years! The program was done in schools, universities, prisons, boarding schools, children's homes. With the deaf, blind, deaf-blind, with the people suffering from CP, cystic fibrosis, in integrated children-parents group, with the perfectly ordinary high school students.
Some schools in Moscow begin their school year with "Discovery" so that all newly enrolled classes would go through the training program. Together with the children their class tutors participate in the course and to them it is an opportunity to see how his/her students act in unusual situations.
The "Discovery" center in Russia is "The Basement" where throughout the whole year trainers work with different groups. "Discovery" has already helped thousands of people to believe in themselves and taught them to find a way out of the most hopeless situations and is still continuing to help.

I am standing on a table and looking down. Fourteen closest friends whom I met just yesterday are looking at me from down there. During this time together we lived through so many things - escaped from a prison, got over an alligator swamp and survived on a tiny island. We have talked about many things, we wondered for the first time - what is similar between me and a walnut, and what would I do if I only had one year to live.
And now I am standing at this great height and I am scared. "Don't worry, we will catch you". I trust, because those who just half an hour ago carefully lead me, perfectly blind, upon a narrow bridge across the abyss will not betray. I shut my eyes and screaming I fall into the hands of my friends.
From the memories of a training participant

Discovery. There is no better word to describe this program. "Discovery" means learning new things. It can be said that this is the core of this course. But it also has a hidden depth which, I think, no one realizes completely. A wonderful force that discovers the qualities in people of which they did not even suspect.
Jean Berube "Discovery" International Program Director